Micro-weddings are much more than just a “quickie” elopement ceremony – they have all the traditional wedding elements, only on a smaller scale. Simple or elaborate, the only restriction with micro-weddings is typically that the guest count does not exceed 50 people. If this number seems too restrictive, you can always incorporate a “Virtual Wedding” component into your day, allowing more people to view the festivities without being there in person.

Micro-weddings are a popular option for the foreseeable future with the current emphasis on small gatherings and social distancing. However, these perceived complications can actually enhance the convenience of smaller weddings. Here are some additional benefits to consider.

Saving money…

The focus of a micro-wedding is not necessarily to save money, but it can. The largest expense of a wedding usually involves the reception, food and table decor. They are usually the costliest due to guest count, so having less people in attendance could save money.

You might think making concessions to your budget will diminish the focus on the finer details, but with less guests that is not a worry. Having a smaller guest count gives you the ability to concentrate on the details, allow upgrades, and can make, and can make your wedding day “Pinterest” vision attainable!

Smaller venues…

Non-traditional and previously unattainable venues due to size restrictions can be perfect locations for a micro-wedding. Again, with only 50 guests or less, many venues are sized to accommodate your entire event, even allowing room for inclement weather backup if needed. Instead of renting a large hotel ballroom, you can reserve smaller spaces such as private rooms in restaurants, museum galleries or even outside in the backyard.

Incorporating technology…

Social media savvy couples can incorporate “Virtual” components into their wedding, offering a way to participate for guests who may be unable to attend in person. This is a perfect option to extend your guest list while allowing those who cannot travel or have social distance fears still be part of your special day… just at a distance.

If this is something you want to incorporate, don’t skimp on budget. First check with your Dj or videographer, they typically will be equipped to handle the details of setting up a livestream, so you probably won’t need to look any further.

One thing to be aware of: “Virtual Officitants” are Not Allowed in the state of South Dakota. However, you can hire a professional officiant, or have a friend or family member go on-line and become certified to marry you if your religious officiant is unable to assist. Just remember to check with your county Register of Deeds office for restrictions and to make sure you are following all the guidelines.

Shorter planning time…

Fewer guests means the potential for less scheduling issues, allowing for quick planning if needed. The risk of having to reschedule or losing deposits can also be minimized by having a micro-wedding.

To accommodate growing demand, micro-wedding packages are being created to making the planning process easier for couples. You will find many vendors are collaborating with combined offers of micro package services to quickly pull events together.

Set-up conveniences…

Less people means less tables and chairs that have to be setup. Also, with a smaller event you may even decide to do your own decorating to save a little money.

If convenience is more your style, leave it to the professionals. That way, you’ll have time to pamper yourself while getting ready and not having to worry about how many place settings go at each table, or where to put the candy bar. Hiring a decorator can make preparing for your special day less less chaotic and the extra touches they can provide is well worth the expense.

Simplified event timeline…

Without missing any of the rituals or customs of the reception or wedding day, micro-weddings offer a shorter event timeline. Since guest count is 50 or less, the time it takes to do everything is reduced, which reduces stress level.

This is definitely the case if your venue is large enough to accommodate your ceremony, social hour, dinner and reception without requiring a venue flip, allowing you to transition to each phase of you event in the same location.

Another cost saving option associated with micro-weddings is to simply reduce your entire event day timeline. Standard receptions can begin in the early afternoon and last until midnight – and that doesn’t even include the time it takes to take the decor down and load everything up. With micro-weddings, you can easily shorten the day by several hours – giving you more time to celebrate with your new spouse or have time to yourself before the festivities begin.

If good music is important, but dancing all night long is not, consider cutting back your overall reception hours. You can save money by using your DJ to include ceremony audio, social hour and dinner music in lieu of a full dance package.

And finally…

Weddings should be spent with the people that are truly the most important to you as a couple. Limiting your guest count with micro-weddings affords you the chance to do just that, and considering Covid-19, you can keep the most vulnerable people in your family safe.

Ultimately, there is nothing stopping you from having a micro-wedding and doing everything you envisioned on your wedding day. But if you still want a big celebration with lots of people, you can always consider doing a second reception with just your friends!